Dissertation Coaching Package

3-Month Dissertation Coaching Package

Finish Your Dissertation and Get Graduated…FAST!

What’s in it For You?

  • Reduce Stress!! (You’re Guided and Supported the Whole Way, so RELAX!!)
  • Save Thousands $$$ on Continued Tuition (Because You’ll Graduate Sooner)
  • Feel More Confident!
  • Own Your Topic Like an Expert!
  • Amaze Your Chair/Advisor With All You’ve Accomplished!
  • Impress the Heck Out of Yourself!!!
  • Learn Every Trick of the Trade to Keep You Smooth Sailing!

If you are stuck in your dissertation writing, don’t know how the heck to write Chapters 4 and 5 (or even what you are supposed to be doing), take advantage of Dr. Blinston’s services as a coach. She’s “been there, done that”, and she’s pulled it all together to graduate from a 5-6 year program in 4 years! You may say, “But I don’t need to graduate in 4 years.” No, you don’t need to graduate in 4 years, but you NEED to graduate!

The Dissertation Package includes the following:

  • One weekly 45-minute phone coaching meeting for 13 weeks
  • Up to 2 emails per week for email coaching


  • Evaluation and advice for your document’s content, layout, and flow
  • Determining where you are in your process & creating a time-line for completion
  • Breaking up the process into a series of tasks
  • Creating due dates for each of the tasks

You also get these Bonuses:

  • 2 wild cards, each good for 45 minutes of emergency coaching before package expiration* (sometimes emergencies arise!)
  • 5 hours of APA document formatting with a 4-5-day turnaround (this is oftentimes a 1-3-day turnaround and includes correcting citations and references!)

*Package expires 3 months after first use of any of the package contents

My goal when working with you:

  • My goal is to help you have a complete dissertation proposal to submit to your chairperson (Mentor/Advisor) for a committee meeting within 3 months of us working together
  • I will coach you through any post-meeting changes (if the package has not yet expired*)

*Package expires 3 months after first use of any of the package contents

Ultimately, your successful completion is up to you. However, having tons of help and support along the way with someone who has written a dissertation and has earned a Ph.D., can speed-up your progress and get you graduated ASAP!

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